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shipping cost

Shipping costs


Shipping costas are approximate, but this is to give you an idea of what it might be. All items are shipped Airmail using the Swedish Postal Service. World wide shipping in 4-10 days. All prices in European Euros.

    WEIGHT                    EUROPE          REST OF THE WORLD

    0-100 grams                    4.00                                5.00

100-250 grams                    6.50                                8.50

250-500 grams                   10.00                               12.00

500 grams-1 Kg                 15.00                               20.00

1 Kg - 2 Kg                        23.00                               30.00



WEIGHTS:             1/43 scale car approximatly 250 grams with packaging

                                1/72 scale car approximatly 75-100 grams with packaging



We will do our best to satisfy our customers and if we can save you on postage by making 2 packages we will do so.

REGISTERED MAIL: Optional for an additional charge.